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Who we are:

We are Faradis Travel – qualified tourism and travel agency, located in the heart of the environment friendly leading country of Germany – Berlin.

What do we do:

Together with our partners we make sure you have unique experience in top-ranked European destinations. Faradis Travel ensures quality time with your family and friends without any extra troubles. Moreover, our agency is enthusiastic towards environment friendly services, for example,  electric cars that we use for our tours. Furthermore, we connect people and cultures.


How do we do it:

Faradis Travel collects the best possible offers to amazing destinations and organize your vacation with finest services, so you would not have to waste hours, that could be dedicate to you family, going through  online search engines. We support respect nature and support green ideology, by using electric cars, in order to lower the gas emission. By making people familiar with the historic heritage, as well as wonders of nature, we dedicate our time and heart to teach, through interactive demonstration how rich is planet Earth.

Why do we do so:

First of all, we would like to turn on the travel spirit and to connect cultures and people. We work towards the status of global citizen for each and every our client.
Secondly, by making people familiar with world’s heritage, we expect to awake an empathy towards the mother nature. Most importantly, it is Faradis Travel agency’s duty to provide sustainable travel that does not harm the environment, but works on its improvement.

Faradis Travel is a green company, it’s dedicated to environmentally responsible business: avoiding plastic litter, supporting paperless communications, and protecting natural resources, are some of our company’s principles. our electricity is from natural resources and the cars we use are mostly electric and environment friendly.

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Our goal is not just to match, but to exceed your expectations of traveling to Europe's Northern cities and Southern landscapes. Our professional tour guides are dedicated to making you see, and understand marvelous sights, and incomparable lifestyles. Imagine discovering the thriving vibe of Berlin with an Arabic guide or would you want to wander the volcanic landscape of Canary Islands in German language instead?
Rashad Idris, the Berlin-based manager of Faradis travel, is a certified tour guide. Having travelled - and lived in- several countries across Europe and the Middle East, he has seen some of the world's most astonishing cities and landscapes through both the eyes of a visitor and a local. Rashad is dedicated to creating great leisure experiences in great places for you - based on your individual expectations.

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get your vacation package including accommodation transport and trips all build on your desire.

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faradis gets flight offers around the hour from airlines companies all over the world. Book your flight tickets easily through faradis fly.

Visa work

have a full consulting and support by visa applications and invitations.


our drivers are available 24/7 to drive you to your favorite distentions in Europe with your favorite car.

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vacation in berlin
from 320

completely electric

per person  for a weekend 

Great Accommodations, flats and Hotels

Programs round the hour including the hottest landmarks and the most delicious food

Transport with modern electric cars with experienced guides

Zero carbon emission

Discover Amsterdam
from 386

completely electric

per person for a weekend

Get the best out of Amsterdam discover every detail with local guides 

Top Landmarks 

Eco Hotels

Drive around with electric cars 


Zero carbon emission

Wellness in Königssee
from 644

completely electric

per person for 5 days

Eco Hotel 

Electric car

Train tickets

Electric boat trip

Zero carbon emission

Discover Andalusia
from 575

per person for a week

Combine your trip out of 6 stunning Andalusian cities

Train Tickets

Fly to a city and return from another

Own car when needed with or without driver

Hotel & Apartment

from 846

per person  for a week

Direct flight tickets ( Carbon emission offset through ”Tree For Future”)

Great hotels and the best programs from local travel expertise, programs including the hottest landmarks and the most delicious food

Traditional Armenian handicrafts courses Transport with modern cars with experienced guides 

travel to canary
from 850

per person for a week

Direct Flight tickets ( Carbon emission offset through ”Tree For Future”)

Hotel or traditional canary house.

7 tours including Stars and Planets watching, Telescopes visiting and hiking in the Jungle tours.

Own car with or without driver.

As a gift baby banana tree. 

Trips for those who enjoy the beauty of the universe.

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